Ritsuka Wip

2x 1/7 Ritsuka commissions + my one

I received the two and my Ritsuka kit today ^^.
First of all I checked the parts and they have a nice quali. The seamlines are normal and only on one part on Ritsukas bottom there are some air holes °_°

Now I have to cut of the gips, fill the holes and sand of the seamlines. The red lines on the picture, there are the seamlines, you cannot see them on the photo ^^

so parts are sanded and washed. Only on one part I'm still busy to fill the holes. Now I can start with pinning.

Kit is pinned now but I have to glue later the arms because I come not with the driller to the arme points on the shirt withour destroying anything xD" 

but..the arm are too short o_o on all three kits the hands touchs not the ground q_q thats a problem..

but after a brainstorming xD I had an idea °_°b I put him later on a cushion and the problem is gone xD. For the two commission kits I can sew a cushion too if the customers wants it ^^ in any color they wants.

so, today I made a new cushion, because the bigger one was from a PVC figure °_° I want a mint one too but the fabric shop hadn't this color Dx..mäh, so it's now white. maybe when the kit is finished I sew a new one o_o 

or with two tinier cushions °_°
the fabric is satin.
I wish I had a sewing-machine.. xD

all three are primed and ready for painting!!
still masking.

don't worry about the seamline on his head, and the end it will be hidding under his hairs ^^

socks finished, masked now for painting the skin.

nargh some of the maskingtape removed a piece primer on the kit. that happend from time to time, very nerving. no matter how strong the primer holds on the kit, that can happen everytime >_<.. so I have to repair this first.

skintone finished, now masking the skin for painting his jeans

masked the ears for painting the haircolor >3<..
I hate masking.. thats so boring ._.

hairs finished but my camera makes the purpel blue..>_< nargh. I paint the right color beside the pictures =_=. the photos are really bad, you can't see there the shaddings..and the color lol xDD the hairs are now black/purpel

uhw I test something and spray on my ritsuka ..öh a light line? because on near every picture he has such a line ô_ò
but don't know if I should spray it over or let it like this.. will decide when all is finished

so still painting on the eyes, not finish

the jeans, I think I spray a Layer black over a few areas. I used 6 blue colors but on the photos you see only the basis shaddings ô when you put the jeans under a lamp you see all colors °_° on the photo the blue is a little bit different. the numbers shows in which order I used the colors

ok here the color is a little bit more like in real and with the black layer

jeans fixed and finished..but have to paint 2 jeans more X_x
I need more then 3 hours for one jeans xD
thats one of the two darker jeans, I have to spray one a little bit brighter

one more yellow one and two brighter yellow shirts

god after 3 hours masking, the three shits are now masked X_x..

uff..ok today I only finished one shirt. I need longer as I thought.. there are 5 colors on the blue but I can see only 2 now...Dx nargh
and you can see on the photos only one  xDD..
red shirt finished, the red looks in real not so strange bright

start to paint the brighter jeans for the red version, not finished, will do them darker o.O for my taste, thats too bright xD in real it's not so shiny

I'm sorry X_x I hadn't the time the last weekends to work on kits and then my cat was ill Q_Q and I have to went over a week every day to the pet-doctor  ..nja
but today I finished the blue from the brighter jeans.
on the photo it's a little bit brighter as in real and you cannot see all the shadding >_<.. I hate photos.
I used again all the colors on the photo xDD
yeah purple and yellow too °_° gives a little bit cooler toush
in real.. not on photos..*drop*

ok here the color looks more like in real.. but it looks like ritsuka has a mega ass xD""

sealed first with gloss and than with flat
and how you can see the head from my ritsuka has a little accident xD".. *sigh*..have to repair this X_x

so first ritsuka needs only his eyes and all is finished

so head repaired °_°
eyes not sealed, after sealing they look smoother

now I have to do the part I hate most =_=.. fill the hairgap

so after 3 hours closing Ritsuka is now finished °_°v

so, still painting the face from the red Ritsuka..and now the eye looks different xD" but I'm not a copy-machine X_x.. and now I'm 3 days not at home x'D" so will paint the other eye sunday

second eye finished but the photo is shit lol

ok red ritsuka finished but I have to take some good fotos and I have to cast and paint an little extra °_°b
 <-- for sealing his eyes x'D

nargh always this shit dust on the photos ô_ó

now I'm waiting of an answer from the second ritsuka customer so that I can finish the last ritsuka kit

nargh, have to paint the head/eyes/ hair from the red ritsuka again =_= had a accident Dx...
but..have one mint cushion finish ._. *sigh*

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